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Tarot Sessions with Liz


Friday August 14th

1:00pm to 5:00pm

Thirty minutes of tarot check-in = $30

Tarot is a mirror by which we can explore our feelings, our psyche and the many symbols that span centuries and continents: The Sun, The Hermit, The High Priestess. As we become more familiar with the archetypes (Major Arcana/Trumps) and smaller stages of life (Minor Arcana/Pip cards), we have the opportunity to know our Selves better and the potential to manifest significant changes. When in doubt, turn to tarot to shine light in the dark and inspire you to believe in beauty/synchronicity. It is not necessarily prescriptive - free will still exists, thank goodness! 

The reading will depend on your question, but all readings will include clarifying cards from a second deck plus "medicine" cards that can help you move forward with a specific action plan. Expect to leave the table with more clarity on your issue. 

Liz Rogers

I remember the very first card I pulled four years ago was The Star - a card of new opportunity, of hope, following a period of intense affliction and loss. It was one year after my father passed. I had just finished my first 10-day sit and was about to move to an ashram to complete yoga teacher training. Looking back now, I was focused on renewing my contract with life! Receiving messages (and being gifted my first deck!) at these turning points can be very validating and calming.

Contact Liz to book a session. 


Do you want to offer workshops for the community in Squamish?

Contact us to rent our meditation room, the fire place area or our workshop tables at our space.

If the door is locked it means that we are a little short on team members. We'd still be happy to help you. If you pop next door to the soap shoppe someone there will be able to let you in to shop.

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