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Bex Mitchell

Hatha Yoga into Meditation - Wednesday 4:30pm to 5:45pm

The Sanskrit word ‘Yoga’ literally translates as ‘union’, to unite and become one. Traditionally, this refers to the union of the body and mind or the universal self with the individual self. To me, yoga is also about uniting with each other, supporting each other on our yoga journeys & refraining from comparison or judgement. 


In addition, I believe that our yoga practice starts with our state of mind, once we accept ourselves exactly as we are & let go of the ego, we can relax into our practice without judgment or self doubt and experience the benefits of this ancient practice. 


So far, on my yoga journey, I have explored different styles and levels of yoga as well as continuing to learn about the history and philosophy along the way. As well as deepening my yoga practice, I found myself becoming more and more interested in working with energy and delved deeper into holistic therapies & spiritual practices. After meeting so many inspirational holistic therapists and yoga teachers, it didn’t take me long to decide that I also wanted to be able to share and teach the practice of Yoga and promote wellness throughout the community. 


I attended my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India, the heart and home of yoga! I spent an intensive month studying and practicing yoga and immersing myself in the yogic lifestyle. After graduating, I moved from my home in the North East of England to Banff, a beautiful national park in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, and began teaching and sharing yoga. A dream come true. 


I am now settled in Squamish, Canada’s capital of outdoor recreational activities! Living here is incredibly inspirational, we are truly immersed in nature and I am very excited to reach out and continue sharing my yoga and wellness journey with the community of Squamish! 

Carolyn Green

Lunch Time Meditation - Tuesdays 12:30pm to 1:00pm

In a world overrun with stress and exhaustion, so many of us are in dire need of calmness in our lives. Carolyn’s goal 
is to empower others in their journey of reclaiming calmness by creating customized daily practices and quick-fix calming tools and solutions.

Learn more about Carolyn and her offerings at

Kirstin French

Yoga Nidra - Mondays 7:00pm to 7:45pm, Fridays 7:30pm to 8:15pm

Lunch Time Meditation - Fridays 12:30pm to 1:00pm

Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep is a much needed opportunity to bring deep rest to your body and analytical mind while training your awareness to remain awake. This practice is done lying down in savasana or corpse pose. Bring your yoga mat, a pillow, an eye mask and a blanket.

Nathalie Maginot

Pranayama Meditation Routine

Tuesdays & Fridays 8:00am to 8:30am, Sundays 10:00am to 10:30am

Sound Healing Meditation

Thursdays 12:30pm to 1:00pm, Saturdays 10:00am to 10:30am

I truly believe that healing - on a deep level - can only happen, when we  work with ourselves, when we take the responsibility for our lives, when we become more conscious of ourselves and the world around us.

In my work as a health practitioner and yoga instructor I am guiding you on a journey to reconnect with your true self, to learn to listen to your inner guide again and to become more conscious to obverse what is serving you and to make conscious decisions towards being more content and as a natural consequence healthier. 

In my healing sessions and yoga sessions I combine my understanding of Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama with my knowledge in the Manual Treatment Orthobionomy, in Pranic Healing, Traditional Homeopathic and Ear Accupunture to create a space in which you can work with your consciousness, connect with yourself and activate your healing powers. 

Pat Robinson / Dancing Heart

Expressive Arts Facilitator & Student of Life Itself


How life-giving it can be to find one’s own path and to gain insights that awaken and enrich one’s inner life experience! These are the reasons I continue to study and intuitively create Journal Writing experiences and Collage Art for myself.. experiences I want to share with you!

These experiences that have been my life-long teachers. Journal Writing has literally saved my life, brought me to where I am today and been a constant companion to my heart and soul for 4 decades. Exploring its many pathways, I discovered a voice that sounded strangely like my own… one that began to ‘speak’ to me in whispers from a place deep within my being…. 

Collage Art returned in a big way during my first two courses in Expressive Arts at the Haliburton School of the Arts in 2005. The images I continued to play with are transforming into my own intimate deck of Oracle Cards!

Through these creative and imaginative art forms, you are invited to enter a journey to new awareness and insights, one of growing your imagination and experiencing inner inspiration while awakening to the heart of your own life.  


I look forward to guiding your creativity to new views of the horizons beyond~!

Sandra Ashmore

Kundalini Yoga - Tuesdays 9:00am to 10:00am

Sandra has been practicing yoga for 20 years and is a Kundalini teacher since 2008. She has completed several trainings in transformational and healing modalities including Peruvian Shamanism and Hawaiian massage. Currently she is working in the addictions and wellness field along side her therapeutic message practice/ business. She is committed to a heart centered  and wholistic approach to life and healing. Her offering is about sharing the experience of connection to Source, igniting the experience of infinity for others and opening space for destiny and soul retrieval.

Stacey Tucker

Children's Meditation Ages 4 to 9 - Thursdays 3:45pm to 4:30pm

Stacey uses the art of storytelling combined with the practices of mindfulness & meditation,

to promote peace, connection & education. Her children's meditations will include time to get the wiggles out, mandala colouring, seated (or laying) meditation and time to talk about our experiences. Learn more about Stacey at

Sue Olson

Early Morning Meditation - Thursday 7:00 to 7:45am

Meditation, yoga, nature and holistic wellness practices have transformed Sue’s life. Sue holds space for those wanting to begin or maintain a daily meditation practice and cultivate safe, self-supportive inner environments. In an increasingly unpredictable and chaotic world, cultivating calm is a constructive and courageous act. Sue is a yoga teacher following the Iyengar lineage. She is certified in Yoga for recovery and trauma-informed Yoga. Sue will be here to hold space for your personal meditation practice. Come for a 15, 30 or 45 minute sit or stay for the full hour. Enjoy your personal meditation practice in the company of a group.

Toni Potters

Bite Size Yoga Nidra - Tuesdays 5:45pm to 6:15pm

Toni is a wedding officiant, birth doula, and yoga instructor. She has been instructing yoga for 18 years. Lately, her little family is calling Squamish home. It's here that she feels inspired to answer her call towards nature. Forest bathing, foraging, chasing her six year old up mountains and loving this life she feels so blessed to live.

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