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Gaia Sophia


On the physical plane, I am a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a writer, a healer, a traveler, a ceremonialist, an empath, a justice seeker, and a free spirit. I am like you. I am a human that lives and breathes.

I have emotions and challenges. I was created to have them. I was created to research the human condition at this time so that once I walked myself through the labyrinth, I could be of assistance to guide others through the twists and turns of their evolutionary process.

On the non-physical plane, I am a traveler of time, a traveler of dimensions, and of potential reality threads. I am the embodiment of the divine feminine that answers to the call of the PRESENT and uses her highly developed emotional body to tap into another's most inner landscape.  I am a generational Indonesian healer. I am a starseed and a member of the Galactic Federation. I am a creator; an earth creator. I channel her messages and wisdom.  I am a soul interpreter that brings forth the clarity and messages you need to move forward into love and understanding. I am an alchemist in the name of love, liberation and freedom. I am in Service.

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