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    • Yoga Love & Meditation Boutique

      Come and Meditate with Us! Yoga Nidra with our lovely Kirstin Tuesday 6pm to 6:45pm Saturday 9am to 9:45am Meditation Recordings Recordings to support your home practice now on our website!!! Practice...Breath...Stay Connected Sound Healing Meditation with Nathalie Wednesdays 8pm to 8:45pm & Sundays 10am to 10:45am Indian Head Massage Bliss Sessions Fridays with Monica 11:00pm to 2:00pm Richelle ~ Purple Acorn Yoga Private Yoga Therapy & Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Guitar Lessons with Jordan Wednesdays 4:30pm to 6:00pm & Thursdays 4:00pm to 6:00pm Show More Our mission is to share the essence of yoga with our community and its visitors. We are encouraging a shift in the western definition of yoga to be a lifestyle that includes devotion, gratitude, self care, meditation, pranayama, asana practice, and scriptural study. Our work is to draw more attention to the benefits of a consistent meditation practice in order to promote the evolution of the individual as well as the community. Through this work we support the increased attendance to all yoga offerings in Squamish by engaging more of the community and its visitors. Come and meditate with us. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu Our offerings include guided meditations, kirtan, workshops and book studies Our retail store has a selection of metaphysical and health books, oracle and tarot cards, musical instruments, crystals, clothing and yoga & meditation props ​ We have a practitioner room available to rent by the hour, half and full day. ​ We also have a space suitable for workshops and classroom activities available for community events Register for our Workshops Here Rent our Practitioner Room

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      Come and Meditate with Us!

    • Nathalie Maginot | Mysite

      Nathalie Maginot Registered German Naturopath & Yoga Instructor ​ Pranic Healing – Sound Healing – Breath Work - Meditation – Yoga ​ A Yogic model views our existence as 5 layers – the 5 Koshas. Our energetic body – the second layer – connects our physical body with the deeper layers. Everything we experience through our physical body affects our energy body and through the energetic body our mind, our emotions, our sense of ourselves and our most inner layer the bliss body – the deep sense of contentment, which lies within all of us are affected. It works in the opposite direction as well. Emotions for example change our energetic body, which can manifest as a physical symptom. ​ Pranic Healing as well as Sound Healing works with the energy body and through it on all 5 layers of our existence. The goal is to bring imbalances to the surface – to our consciousness - and to balance the flow of Prana – life’s energy within us. Working together with what’s brought to the surface during the session will not only bring more balance in your whole system, but will empower you to work on your healing yourself. Together we will identify the specific Energy Centers and the Koshas, which need some attention and love and we will find the right tools to bring balance back to those areas. Healing is a deep journey and I feel honoured, if you choose to walk some of it with me on your side. ​ ~ Where consciousness goes, Prana flows and healing can happen.~ C onnect with Nathalie at or Schedule a Session

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