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Nathalie Maginot

Registered German Naturopath & Yoga Instructor

I truly believe that healing - on a deep level - can only happen, when we  work with ourselves, when we take the responsibility for our lives, when we become more conscious of ourselves and the world around us.

In my work as a health practitioner and yoga instructor I am guiding you on a journey to reconnect with your true self, to learn to listen to your inner guide again and to become more conscious to obverse what is serving you and to make conscious decisions towards being more content and as a natural consequence healthier. 

In my healing sessions and private yoga sessions I combine my understanding of Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama with my knowledge in the Manual Treatment Orthobionomy, in Pranic Healing, Traditional Homeopathic and Ear Accupunture to create a space in which you can work with your consciousness, connect with yourself and activate your healing powers. 

~ Where consciousness goes, Prana flows and healing can happen.~

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