Come and Meditate with Us!

'I happened upon Nathalie's "Pranayama into Meditation" classes while I was recovering from a back issue and attending physiotherapy sessions near the Yoga Love & Meditation Boutique. I've been practicing with Nathalie for six weeks now, and I can honestly say that partaking is something I truly look forward to. Nathalie's instruction techniques are suitable for all body types and conditions and she's keenly aware of individual circumstances. I can't think of anything better to start off someon's busy work day than attending her therapeutic sessions. Try it, you'll like it!'


Steve Shard

'My boyfriend and I each received tarot card readings from Dona and we were both blown away by how she was able to read the cards to offer clarity and insight into both of our (very unique and specific) situations. She was able to use clear words to describe what has been going on for each of us, in words better than either of us could have provided on our own, without having any previous knowledge of our personal life details. I've had several card readings in the past, but this was by far the most professional and clear (and very specific!) reading I've ever had. I would highly recommend a reading with Dona to anyone who is seeking clarity or guidance. I feel grateful to have received a reading from her.'



'This mornings Pranayama Meditation with Nathalie was nothing short of miraculous. Immediately after her guidance of the session, I felt what must surely have been the Breathing of the Universe. Thank you Nathalie Maginot!'


Pat Robinson

Dancing Heart

'I love these daily reminders (schedule posts on Instagram). Eventhought I no longer live in Squamish, I always take the time to close my eyes and breathe deeply when I see your posts. Thank you for helping me meditate from afar.'

Jill McLean

'For the adventurous souls staying in Squamish, Nathalie’s meditation and the studio Yoga Love offer a sense of community and calmness necessary while on the road.  Nat’s soothing voice and energy really makes you feel at home.  When you are on the road, It’s important to recharge and recenter your spiritual & mental energy and this is the perfect place to do that. I will definitely stop back in next time I’m in the area :)

Zach Cohen