Guitar Lessons with Jordan

Tuesday afternoons - 2 - 7pm

$30/half hour; discounts for continued tuition

New offering: GROUP LESSONS - Catch the Song


1 month commitment

$20/hour - minimum 3 students

Do you want to skip the theory and go straight to playing your favourite jam? This 1 hour class will focus entirely on learning the hand positions (chords), strumming patterns (rhythms) and creative flourishes (fills). 

Vote by email for the song you would like to learn next. 

a) Back in Black by ACDC

b) Old Town Road by Lil Nas X

c) Iron Man by Black Sabbath

d) Wonderwall by Oasis

In addition to his teaching day job, Jordan has been playing guitar for over half of his life. He enjoys playing with other people and also solo, including writing his own riffs from time to time. He also enjoys getting outside and traveling the world, which helps inspire him in his musical abilities.


He has experienced many different cultures all over the world and the one thing that he has found unites us all is our shared love of music. He is hoping to be able to bring these experiences into his teaching so that you can enjoy playing as much as he do!