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38134 Cleveland Avenue

PO Box 76

Squamish, BC

V8B 0A1


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Stacey Tucker

Reiki Practitioner


I am a Reiki practitioner, a life coach & a storyteller.

I welcome you into a one on one session holding space for you

to be exactly as you are.

You are a unique being & so my session will always be uniquely suited to you.  

I combine all 3 of my gifts & take you on a journey into yourself.  

I will assist you to move energy, I will ask you questions & I will share the stories your body tells me.  You will leave the session with a greater understanding of yourself, a sense of calm & sometimes a few things to practice at home.

If this all sounds like what you need,

I would be honoured to have you on my table.

Love, Stacey

You can connect with Stacey at