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    Come and Meditate with Us! Tarot Sessions with Liz Every 2nd Friday starting August 28th 1:00pm to 5:00pm Indian Head Massage Bliss Sessions Saturday's with Monica 12:00pm to 3:00pm Meditation Recordings Recordings to support your home practice now on our website!!! Practice...Breath...Stay Connected Introduction to Meditation 6 Week Series with Nathalie contact us to book a private course Show More Our mission is to share the essence of yoga with our community and its visitors. We are encouraging a shift in the western definition of yoga to be a lifestyle that includes devotion, gratitude, self care, meditation, pranayama, asana practice, and scriptural study. Our work is to draw more attention to the benefits of a consistent meditation practice in order to promote the evolution of the individual as well as the community. Through this work we support the increased attendance to all yoga offerings in Squamish by engaging more of the community and its visitors. Come and meditation with us. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu Our offerings include guided meditations, kirtan, workshops and book studies Our retail store has a selection of metaphysical and health books, oracle and tarot cards, musical instruments, crystals, clothing and yoga & meditation props ​ We have a practitioner room available to rent by the hour, half and full day. ​ We also have a space suitable for workshops and classroom activities available for community events Register for our Workshops Here Rent our Practitioner Room

  • Monica Nascimento | Mysite

    Schedule a Session Monica Nascimento – Beyond Balance Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage - Bliss Sessions ​ Monica walks a conscious path of Optimal Health & Wellness. Through the Ayurvedic bodywork that she offers, the balancing of mind, body and spirit are encouraged, which promotes inner harmony and longevity. Monica has lived in Squamish since 2000. She has been offering Yoga for Children programs here for the past eleven years and has been offering Ayurvedic bodywork over the past nine years, specializing on treatments specifically for the head and feet. The head and feet are the parts of our bodies that are so often neglected, yet, take on the majority of internal & external stresses. Through the relaxing treatments that she offers; Ayurvedic Indian head massage, Kansa Vatki foot massage and Heart Resonance Energy, recipients are given the opportunity to tap into their bodies own natural healing system to ignite it, and bring forth Alignment and Balance. Her relaxing/meditative treatments are known to raise consciousness and initiate profound shifts in One’s life. Indian head massage is a type of therapeutic massage that focuses on treating the recipient by using specific massage techniques on the head, and on the areas surrounding it, such as the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, and face. As these align with the main energy centres within the body. Gentle to deep massage techniques are used on these areas to stimulate the nerves, loosen up tight muscles, relax superficial tissues, and release stress both emotionally and physically thus creating a sense of well being & inner peace. ​ Monica offers Mini Head Massage-Bliss Sessions at Yoga Love on Saturdays between 12pm and 3pm. ​ You can connect with Monica at

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    Come and Grow with Us! Quick View Sound Healing & Yoga Nidra Friday July 24th Price C$31.50 Tarot Sessions with Liz Friday August 14th 1:00pm to 5:00pm ​ Thirty minutes of tarot check-in = $30 ​ Tarot is a mirror by which we can explore our feelings, our psyche and the many symbols that span centuries and continents: The Sun, The Hermit, The High Priestess. As we become more familiar with the archetypes (Major Arcana/Trumps) and smaller stages of life (Minor Arcana/Pip cards), we have the opportunity to know our Selves better and the potential to manifest significant changes. When in doubt, turn to tarot to shine light in the dark and inspire you to believe in beauty/synchronicity. It is not necessarily prescriptive - free will still exists, thank goodness! The reading will depend on your question, but all readings will include clarifying cards from a second deck plus "medicine" cards that can help you move forward with a specific action plan. Expect to leave the table with more clarity on your issue. ​ Liz Rogers ​ I remember the very first card I pulled four years ago was The Star - a card of new opportunity, of hope, following a period of intense affliction and loss. It was one year after my father passed. I had just finished my first 10-day sit and was about to move to an ashram to complete yoga teacher training. Looking back now, I was focused on renewing my contract with life! Receiving messages (and being gifted my first deck!) at these turning points can be very validating and calming. ​ Contact Liz to book a session. ​ ​ Do you want to offer workshops for the community in Squamish? ​ Contact us to rent our meditation room, the fire place area or our workshop tables at our space.

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    Schedule a Session Dona Newell Psychic Intuitive Tarot Card Reader ​ Tarot is something that I have always had a passion for and I have studied them for many years. It is a useful tool to me, that mines your subconscious and with my psychic intuitive abilities can offer clarity to these spiritual lessons we may all go through. I believe nothing is “set in stone” as we all have been gifted with “freewill” and “choices” in how we handle these life lessons. I believe we are all spiritual beings, learning spiritual lessons on this earth plane. I am so grateful to be of service to people and with compassion, kindness and strict confidentiality I use my sensitivity and intuition to offer what I hear, sense and feel while reading Tarot cards with you, which may also include Oracle cards and divination stones. May you always in life be able to find the light. ​ Dona offers Tarot Card Reading Sessions at Yoga Love on Thursdays from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. Dona has the ability to take credit card or cash payments at the time of your visit. ​ You can connect with Dona at .

  • Richelle Muscroft | Mysite

    Richelle Muscroft - Purple Acorn Yoga Private Yoga Therapy & Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy ​ After experiencing the loss of her mother in her late teens to a workplace accident and her father in her early 20s to a drug overdose, Richelle found yoga as a way to heal from the pain and trauma of loss. As a way to honour her father’s death, she began volunteer teaching yoga in a drug and alcohol treatment facility, which ignited her calling. Richelle dedicates her education and training in yoga therapy and trauma-informed yoga to support people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, physical limitations, sleep and PTSD. Along with working with clients privately, Richelle runs retreats for women who have experienced the death of a loved-one and runs trauma-informed yoga programs for organizations like the Squamish Firefighters Association. Richelle is honored to be offering private Yoga Therapy at Yoga Love + Meditation Boutique. She is available for appointments Tuesdays between 1:00pm and 6:00pm and Wednesdays between 9:00am and 1:00pm ​ You can connect with Richelle at Schedule a Session

  • Introduction to Meditation Series | Mysite

    Come and Meditate with Us! Introduction to Meditation - 6 Week Series with Nathalie Maginot Mondays date tbd 4:30pm to 5:15pm ​ $60 (plus gst) ​ Ease into a regular meditation routine in this 6 weeks workshop series. We will give you a structured Introduction to Meditation and will guide you through various forms of concentration, visualization and meditation techniques, as well as breath awareness and breath work techniques. Each class includes instructions, guided techniques and time for questions and to share your experiences. ​ Register Here

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    Come and Heal with Us! Hiding in the back of Yoga Love is a sweet little treatment room where these lovely practioners weave their magic! Alexia Davies Carolyn Green Danielle Searancke Dona Newell Gaia Sophia Monica Nascimento Nathalie Maginot Satori Clarke Richelle Muscroft Sophia Stacey Tucker Show More Are you interested in joining this list of divine souls and working out of this sweet little room? Drop Kirstin a line at to arrange a time to come and look at the space. Scheduling is currently done through this email also. Rent Practitioner Room

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    Come and Meditate with Us! 'I happened upon Nathalie's "Pranayama into Meditation" classes while I was recovering from a back issue and attending physiotherapy sessions near the Yoga Love & Meditation Boutique. I've been practicing with Nathalie for six weeks now, and I can honestly say that partaking is something I truly look forward to. Nathalie's instruction techniques are suitable for all body types and conditions and she's keenly aware of individual circumstances. I can't think of anything better to start off someon's busy work day than attending her therapeutic sessions. Try it, you'll like it!' Steve Shard 'My boyfriend and I each received tarot card readings from Dona and we were both blown away by how she was able to read the cards to offer clarity and insight into both of our (very unique and specific) situations. She was able to use clear words to describe what has been going on for each of us, in words better than either of us could have provided on our own, without having any previous knowledge of our personal life details. I've had several card readings in the past, but this was by far the most professional and clear (and very specific!) reading I've ever had. I would highly recommend a reading with Dona to anyone who is seeking clarity or guidance. I feel grateful to have received a reading from her.' Laura 'This mornings Pranayama Meditation with Nathalie was nothing short of miraculous. Immediately after her guidance of the session, I felt what must surely have been the Breathing of the Universe. Thank you Nathalie Maginot!' Pat Robinson Dancing Heart 'I love these daily reminders (schedule posts on Instagram). Eventhought I no longer live in Squamish, I always take the time to close my eyes and breathe deeply when I see your posts. Thank you for helping me meditate from afar.' ​ Jill McLean 'For the adventurous souls staying in Squamish, Nathalie’s meditation and the studio Yoga Love offer a sense of community and calmness necessary while on the road. Nat’s soothing voice and energy really makes you feel at home. When you are on the road, It’s important to recharge and recenter your spiritual & mental energy and this is the perfect place to do that. I will definitely stop back in next time I’m in the area :) ​ Zach Cohen ​

  • Carolyn Green | Mysite

    Carolyn Green ​ There is a global stress epidemic and we all need to find our calming centre. This is the centre in all of us where we heal, where we grow and where we find our true source of love and happiness. So many people have forgotten about their own calming centre and look outside themselves for solutions. Carolyn's mission is to calm and relax people, and empower them to calm themselves. ​ Carolyn offers postpartum doula services, calmness coaching, reiki treatments and training, meditation training and coaching, calmness classes and workshops & mind, body, heart integrations. ​ You can connect with Carolyn at

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    Sophia One to one integrative counselling sessions ​ Sophia is an integrative counselling therapist, kundalini yoga teacher, Priestess, ceremonialist, grassroots herbalist and cacao alchemist! She holds her Bachelor’s in psychology and is currently working on her Master’s in transpersonal counselling therapy. Her friends describe her as down to earth, caring, compassionate and non-judgmental. She is a Mother + nature lover. On her spare time, Sophia is often found walking in the woods of Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) wildcrafting for medicinal plants and mushrooms. She loves books, animals, world travel, her friends and family. Muchos Gracias Pachamama. Pura Vida! Learn more about Sophia at

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