One of the most enjoyable parts of a yoga class comes when we rest in savasana (the corpse pose) and realize deep serenity, a sense of effortless joy, and a glimpse into our true nature as unqualified presence. Master teacher Richard Miller explains that this experience is a manifestation of yoga nidra, the meditative state of mind-body union at the heart of all yoga practice.

A powerful integration of book and CD audio learning, Yoga Nidra presents practical studies about this ancient tantric yoga path, a path that leads to inner freedom. Using accessible language appropriate for any level of practice, Miller takes us step by step through the traditional techniques of relaxation and meditation to help us move toward the realization of unqualified presence, the ultimate aim of yoga, a goal unreachable through posture practice alone. Through his expert guidance, students will experience:

  • deep relaxation for relief from day-to-day stress
  • the development of one-pointedness a key to spiritual awakening
  • healing from painful emotions, such as fear, grief and anger
  • more effective and energizing sleep, and much more.

Suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners, but new to most Westerners, Yoga Nidra provides an unmatched way to experience the culmination of the art of yoga, and the deeper physical, emotional and spiritual rewards that are its promise.

Yoga Nidra

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