The seven energy centers - the chakras - located from the base of the spine to the crown of the head govern every aspect of your health and consciousness. Resting in the lower chakra is the primordial life force of kundalini.

With Chakra Meditation, Layne Redmond presents a complete program for awakening kundalini and bringing its cleansing, revitalizing energy up through all seven of your chakras. Redmond combines five traditional yogic techniques: visualization, breathing, postures, sacred sounds, and meditation. The books provides a safe and effective system to tune each chakra and open you to inner sources of inspiration and personal power.

Topics covered:

Eight full-color chakra yantra (sacred geometry) illustrations to help focus your healing meditations
The "Breath of Fire" practice to cleanse the respiratory system
Yogic gazing techniques to sharpen concentration, release anger, and rejuvenate the eyes
Nadi shodhana (alternate nostril) breathing to purify the energy channels in the body
A full 30-minute chakra purification practice to enhance physical health, emotional balance, and spiritual growth

Chakra Meditation

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