Danielle Searancke

I truly value the connection we all have with the divine, and our gift of divine free will to make empowered life decisions. My passion and mission is to help show you how to access this part of yourself and to help you break through any barriers to the remembrance of your own ‘power within’.

The pure magic in my life lives in the joy I feel when a client is able to receive validation that the world of spirit is ever present in their lives — when they recognize they have the ability to connect and receive signs from the other side.

I will forever be a student and teacher of the world of Spirit.

I have studied the art of mediumship through mentors such as Shana Lee Gibson, Tony Stockwell, Mavis Pittilla, Kyle Gray and Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard. I continue to develop and grow to better serve the world of Spirit and those who feel called to work with me.

To see more of my spiritual philosophies, teachings and energy you can check out my Instagram page and my free offering to the world, my podcast “Spirit School”. I love to share and teach all I know in a humble and vulnerable way. I know it’s through connecting with people at a deeper soul level that true expansion and learning occurs.

Through a session with me, you will feel a range of emotions. You can expect to sense a spiritual energetic presence and receive evidential validations that the world of spirit is with you, within you, and waiting for you to understand your soul’s connection at a deeper level.

I look truly look forward to connecting with you.

You can connect with Danielle at https://squamishmedium.com

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